Mikster Hoffmain Interview

Tell us a little about how did you got into DJ’ing, what music styles you like to play, and which other DJ’s inspire you.

I came to my first vinyl trough BLADE –  an English producer and legend in the UK Hip Hop scene. He gave it to me as a gift at a jam in my hometown. Before that I had cd´s only. Now I had to buy a record-player to listen whats on it.

Since I had the record player I started buying records. I was listening to Hip Hop, then MoWax and NinjaTunes, Warp and so on when I did graffiti-sketches. I was a writer back then hitting trains as MIK when the police busted my ass I went into DJing more seriously and when a friend said: “You mix all kind of genres together your a MIKSTER!”
When did you first start collecting 45s and what is it about the format that you love so much? 

I always was into the little format. also because I was used to rack my cans and to get the little vinyls was natural like racking cd´s in big chainstores (I never stole in small record shops! – but everytime I went to London J hit HMV hehe) and I was travelling a lot in the 2000s and everywhere I went I bought some records and obviously the small ones are better to travel with. Later i saw FLIPOUT´s set in TAIPEH and from that day I had the virus. FORTYFIVEKINGS on fb (BIG UP) encouraged me to launch my own 45 label COLD DIGGIN´

I am a big fan of your record label Cold Diggin’. Can you tell us who else is involved in the label, the music you promote and about the dope artwork for each release.

Thanks mate appreciated. The label consists of 3 members: my buddy East. We are running a regularly 45s night in our hometown Dresden – thats where the name Cold Diggin`comes from. All the music is from THE DUKE YA LOVE TO HATE our man stefan doing the reselling and shipping (thx :). East doing cuts and holding shit on course. Me doing the artwork. Every 45 got a unique handprinted silk screen design over the label and sleeve. The idea comes with the 2 tracks on it. One side is a dance floor killer and the other side is a more relaxed track.

The whole thing started with East´s cadillac but this story i tell you next time bro…
Germany appears to be starting to come out of lockdown with some gigs taking place. You recently had a Cold Diggin’ live gig. How did you find that after so long not being able to play out live?
Ah yeah it´s so good to play out again. Even when local residents are not used to it anymore. We had to lower the volume early. Anyways. gigs coming in and we hope the venue opens soon for our COLD DIGGIN´night. Just sad because I wanted to invite peeps to play 45s in Dresden and travel to see them in their town but all went down with corona. Hope it will be possible soon again.
Like me you are a big fan of cover versions. What are your top 5 Cover versions on 45?
Well the best cover version is always the one you don’t got 😉 Criztoz – we also share the love for Boards of Canada and you recommended me the Milky Way cover. Let this be the 1st.

I once bought some 45s in Ecuador. Had it in a box for years and when I Re-listened it I found this funky Spanish cover of survive: “Sobrevivire” I even had to list it in Discogs.

#3 is a 45 of Beatles cover by Klaus Beyer (the 5th German Beatle) I saw him live and it was hilarious. I mean he can’t sing but he started to translate all the vocals in German because his mother couldn’t understand English…

Number 4… well all that comes from the traffic – Choi records. funky as hell!

The last one I really needed was “Sob a luz do sol – A bossa eletrica”

I lived in Brazil and obviously some of the best music comes from there. Thats why I decided to do a Brazil related miks for you   starting with this gem.

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