45 Day TV 

In addition to his own live DJ streams, Criztoz has created a number of 45s raid events and talk shows as part of 45 Day TV which all take part on Twitch. Follow the channel to be updated on shows as they go live. 

Coffee & Donuts

Fresh for ’24 – Fatwax45 and 45 Day have brought back the award-winning, community building, Coffee and Donuts on Twitch.TV. 

Enjoy Good Vibes on 45s while enjoying a Morning Dig every Saturday with monthly residents and special guests. There is also special events including an International Women’s Day and 45 Kids specials. 

Part of my journey

Part of my Journey was inspired by Double P after we spoke about how DJ’ing, streaming and being part of the 45s community the had helped his mental health. 

This is is by far the show that I am most proud of putting together and all of my guests have been extremely open and honest about their lives, issues and experiences. You can watch the shows back here.

We have spoken about depression, anxiety, emotional domestic abuse, childhood trauma, alcohol and drug addiction, therapy and so much more. In addition my guests talked about 3 of their 45s that lifts their spirits and we also had a section at the end discussing retro, unusual and cool confectionary. I am so humbled and grateful to all of my guests for being on the show which for some came at a difficult time in their lives. 

45 Day Show

On this show I speak to other DJ’s, producers, event organisers and others involved in live streaming, DJ events and more. You can watch all the shows back here.

All back to mine

The concept for this show is that I interview other 45s DJs about their origin story, their musical influences, how they got into DJing and they pick out 7 of their choice 7s to talk about and play just as they would if I went to their place. I spoke to 45 DJ’s on 45 Episodes of the show. You can watch all the shows back here.

Criztoz in conversation with

The concept for this show is that I interview DJs, Record Label Owners, Film Makers and more about their musical influences, careers, current projects and more. You can watch all the shows back here.


Established in March 2021 45 Funskters is co-run with Sideshow Maule and is a monthly funky raid train featuring DJ’s from around the world playing all funk 45s. The show is now into into 3rd successive year and is on the first monday of each month on Twitch. 


This is a monthly Twitch raid train co-run with Sam Tweaks. It started in October 2020 with a concept of 6 DJ’s playing 2 rounds of 15 minute all 45s sets. The concept progressed to become 4 DJ’s playing 45 minute all 45s sets with a different theme each month. Themes included Soundtrack/film, Guilty Pleasures, Horror/Halloween and Reggae 45s. The show is currently into its third year and has featured some of the very best 45s DJs around


This is a Twitch Raid Train that I organise showcasing Dub, Versions and Reggae B-Sides on 45.

The Pitchriders Guide to the Glastonbury Festival

A talk show featuring Sam Tweaks and Criztoz discussing their trip to the Glastonbury 2022 festival, what to expect, who they want to check out and picking out 45s to play in daytime, peak time and early hours sets. 

You can watch the shows back here.

Coffee & Donuts Hosts & Guests Interview show

Coffee and Donuts – the weekly Saturday morning show hit 100 shows / 2 years on 17 September 2022. In advance of this Criztoz spoke with his co-host Fatwax 45 and some of the members of the collective who started off as viewers of the show, then became guests and also stand in hosts. You can watch all the shows back here.

We Love 45s 

A talk show hosted by Criztoz discussing We Love 45s live events with the co-organisers, DJ’s and partners involves in the events.  

You can watch the shows back here.

45 Kids Talk Show

45 Kids is a concept created by my daughter Zizi 45 for kids to live stream 45s sets. There have been several 45 Kids live stream shows on twitch including a Halloween Specials, Christmas specials, events for the Shelter charity and Zizi’s birthday.

There are four 45 Kids Talk shows featuring Heyboy DJ , Heygirl DJ, Minimal P, The Sunday Getdown, DJ Ohhh, Polly Phonics, TTT, Little Flower, Indy Mix and The Junior Loves. 

You can watch the shows back here.

45 Day 2021 Talk Show 

Hosted by Criztoz – with special guests Marc Hype, DJ Robert Smith, Fonki Cheff, DJ D & Sam Tweaks. We discussed 45s, streaming, there was a friendly competition for the best 45, Marc Hype showed us some of his Star Wars collection and much more. here.

Streaming Q&A with Criztoz & Tommy T 

This is a show aimed at people who stream on Twitch and provided tips and tricks for using OBS software, raiding, creating emotes and animated emotes, mixers, webcams, how to use chroma key, stream decks, stream elements, audio interfaces and more. You can watch the show back here.

45 Friday Show 

Criztoz invites guests to play a 7 x 7″ vinyl set interspersed with chat. 

You can listen to the shows back here.


This Twitch raid train showcases Hip Hop, Instrumentals, beats & Sampled tracks on 45. 5 Editions in 2021 featuring 15 guest DJ’s.

45 Versus 

This is a Twitch Raid Train that is co-run with Sideshow Maule. It started out as a concept as I learnt from DJ Bill that in Brazil they call 7″ records Compactos that are played at 33rpm. What resulted was 4 editions of 45s vs Compactos with a host of amazing Brazilian DJs. The series was then expanded to 45s vs Singles – the word for 45s in Spain and 45s vs Singlice – the word for 45s in Serbia and Montenegro. 6 Editions in 2021 featuring 9 guest DJ’s.