Hoo Har – Q&A

Thanks for your 45 Day mix. Can you tell us some of the tracks you included?

Yeah, basically it’s trying to do what I normally do and play across the tracks. I really like the idea of playing loads of different genres but with a view to make it sequence well and this is a small slice of that. I thought it would be cool to include what’s considered the first hip hop record (personality jock) and also some Freddie fresh as he’s an incredible digger and no one really talks of his struggles with that.

You produce customised adaptors for dinked 45s. What makes a good adaptor and can you tell us some of the DJs you have made them for?

I reckon weight and the precision are the key to good weights, I really love the creative element of making them personalised with the person it’s a real challenge but probably the last bit I like best. I’m lucky to have made for many, many good DJs, Andy Smith (who was unwittingly the inspiration for the centre), Jerry dammers, Jazzy Jeff, DJ scratch and without his invaluable help – Dominic Bandoni – DJ random.

 You are obviously a big fan of 45s when did the big hit you and why are they so great?

Probably since I’ve been collecting since 91, I think the format is ace, not too long, loudly pressed and they lend themselves well to digging. Im less of a fan of buying them for the sakes of buying them (I don’t want to replicate my 12’s collection!) but they still go off people radar.

During lockdown you have collaborated with Remark and made a hip hop track. How did that work and what we’re the pros and cons of working remotely?

Yeah we have done three so far. I thought using the time to improve my skill set would be a good use of lockdown time and within a specific framework of a collaboration would do that. Mark is a great musician, let alone rapper. He’s got flow! There weren’t any real cons, we sort of clicked creatively and I look forward to doing some more stuff (live as well)! In the future

How do you think the DJ world will change once the lockdown is over?

I think there will be a big discussion about live streaming and also people will be throwing some wicked parties! Thanks for the time on this man, really great

If you want to get your own personalised 45 adaptor (we have a set for Original 45ers) get in touch with Hoo Har – www.instagram.com/316adapters