45 Raiders – My Therapist AV set

My therapist AV set on 45 Raiders 22nd February 2021 from Jody VandenBurg on Vimeo.

Criztoz came up with the idea of 45 Raiders after watching A-Skillz’s Stream raiders on Twitch. He spoke to Sam Tweaks who liked the idea and agreed host it with Criztoz and to move his usual Monday night show back a few hours once a month for 45 raiders to take place. It features 6 DJ’s each playing 15 minute sets of 45s and then raiding to the next DJ and doing it all again for round 2. It is fast furious forty-fives!

There have been some amazing sets with DJ’s trying to outdo each other with how many 45s they could squeeze into 15 minutes. Chrome and Sam Tweaks managed 15 one week and were narrowly beaten by Criztoz with 16 reggae tunes. This was nothing though as the following month Tommy T came in and absolutely smashed the record by playing and mixing absolutely seamlessly 44, yes you read that right 44, 45s in 15 minutes. It was amazing but sadly not recorded so if you were there you saw a piece of 45s history!

This month one of our special guests who kicked off the event was Jody VandenBurg aka My Therapist. He surprised and astounded everyone with a set of 45s accompanied with the video for the track playing in time to the vinyl. It was superb and unlike Tommy’s set it was recorded and you can enjoy it back now at your leisure. We are looking forward to what Jody comes up with next as he expands and develops this original idea. People do it all the time with Serato but we have never seen it before with 45s.

The next event is on Monday 29 March 19:00-22:00 GMT