45° Degrees Interview

When did you first set up 45° Degrees and what does your club promote? 

We started 45° Degrees in 2010 with regular allnighters in different locations in Hamburg. We play Soul music from the 60s, 70s and 80s from original vinyl only. The four of us support other DJs, especially female ones and we love to invite guest DJs from all over Europe.

Your club consists of 4 DJs currently. Can you tell us a little about each of the DJs background and the particular styles of music they play? 

When we started 45° Degrees, we were 6 DJs, playing a variety of styles, from Boogaloo, Northern Soul, R’n’B, Modern Soul, Crossover Soul …

Today we are:

Inger – she is a passionate collector and DJ. She set up her own nighter „Delicious Biscuits“ with 2 others. Inger plays mostly Modern soul, Disco and Jazz, sometimes Crossover and Funk. She loves Sweet and Deep Soul and works at the Pure Soul Records Shop and the Komet Music Bar.

Simone – she plays Jazz, Funk, Modern, Sweet and Deep … just soulful sounds from all over the world … she runs the Pure Soul Records Shop together with Thorsten Wegner

Miriam aka Ms Phyllis – started DJing in her teenage years in Leipzig, where she also booked gigs for clubs. Miriam is into a lot styles of music, she also hosts two events, a French Night and the more stylemixed one called „Double Cookin’“ with different guests playing Garagerock, Rocksteady, R’n’B and Soul. With 45° Degrees she plays mainly Latin Soul and Funk apart from 60s rare soul and 70s tunes.

Holly – Holly started DJing in the 1990s, playing a variety of styles from Pop to Punk, together with two friends. They also had a radio show on the local free radio station FSK. In the 2000s she broadened her style, adding 60s tunes, Beat, Garage, Soundtracks, French, etc. Nowadays she plays mostly Modern Soul, with a soft spot for Crossover.

We are all very openminded and curious about discovering new music. 🙂

The music you play at your events is all on 45 and original releases. What do you particularly love about the 45 format and can you tell us about some of the artists that you play that we should check out?

Kerstin: I love the exclusiveness of one song being on a 45. I also adore the size. And it is much more convenient in case of carrying your records around. Check out: Jason Joshua & The Beholders / finest contemporary sweet soul from Miami & New York / Album: Alegría y Tristeza (Mango Hill Records)

Miriam: Ha ha, like Kerstin said. It’s much easier to carry when you have a gig. Besides I love the format, the exclusiveness and the label prints, especially the 7” records from the 60s and 70s having amazing label prints. I like the Fania Label very much and the Arctic Label…just to name two.

Inger / Simone: we don’t play music only from 45s. Lots of great tracks are LP only or 12” as original release. We play app. 30% of our sets from LPs or 12” but we love the 45s – Small runs, Small labels- Big music!

More labels to check out: Super Disco Edits / Cordial / Big Crown / Timmion / Daptone / Funk Night / Cannonball / Mr Bongo / Philophon

Can you tell us about the music scene in Hamburg in terms of the venues and record stores that we should check out once we can all travel and party again? 

There is a very vivid music scene in Hamburg. For live gigs also as for clubbing. We have a lot of smaller and bigger festivals, like the Reeperbahnfestival or the Dockville festival and different Jazzfestivals.

A few of our favourite venues are: Hafenklang, Molotow, Knust, Barboncino Zwölphi and of course the Komet Music Bar, all of them are for dancing and concerts.

Record stores:

Soul / Funk / Jazz Original 45s & LPs: Pure Soul Recordshop www.puresoul.de

Hiphop – Soul – Funk – Jazz : Groove City

Reggae: Selekta Reggae Shop   

Rock, Pop, Alternative, Indie and more : Zardoz Records  + Plattenrille

Electronic Music: Smallville

During lockdown you have done some live streams. What events have you done and how have you found the transition to live streaming?

45° Degrees: Wanita Raise The Vibration  – a charity live stream with female dis from all over the world / Fortyfive Kings Livestream

Miriam/Ms Phyllis did a few more: the Rhythm Soul & Funk stream (twice) and the Swiss Soul Weekender Livestream

It is quite challenging doing a livestream. On one side handling the streaming technics, having the equipment and on the other side the usual DJ struggle which records to play in what order etc.

Apart from that you let people into your living room… at first it is a strange feeling … you play for people that you cannot see but they can see you. 🙂

And it is so different from playing in a club where people respond instantly to the music by dancing. But it is also very nice to read the positive comments to each song you play. You will not experience something like that while playing in a club.

Even if it’s not so much fun- and action-packed like playing in a club it is a little bit of normality and distraction in these strange times and hopefully it also helps the people to pass the time until we are all back on the dancefloors.