Forty Five Day – 1000 Followers on Twitch

I am so pleased to announce that on 22 January 2022 I hit 1000 followers on Twitch! 

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed my channel and watched my DJ sets and talk shows. 

Thank you to Mr Lob of the Forty Five Kings Collective for letting me run their twitch channel which was the start of my twitch journey. 

Thanks you to Sam Tweaks for all the advice, support and inspiration and also for co-hosting the monthly 45 Raiders with me. 

Thank you to Sideshow Maule for being my moderator, for his great support, lots of laughs, and for co-hosting the 45 Funksters and 45s vs raid events. 

Thanks to Fatwax45 for being an amazing co-host on Coffee and Donuts and for creating Ace of Raids the show on which I hit 1000 followers. 

Thank you to Double P for being open and honest about his life and inspiring me to start my mental health talk show Part of my Journey. 

Thank you to all of the guests who have been on my talk shows and to all the DJs who have taken part on one of the raid event shows I have run and organised. 

Thank you to all of the twitch raid organisers/promoters who have included me in their shows. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported the channel with bits, subs, or gift subs. 

Without all of you this would not have been possible. I will be eternally grateful and your support is much appreciated. 

It has been a difficult 18 months for almost everyone I know. Having regular shows and an amazing community on Twitch has been an anchor that has helped me and many others get through this difficult time. 

Watch this space for details of my 1K followers twitch stream party happening very soon.