25ThC Birthday Stream – Xmas Eve 2021

It is coming up to my favourite time of the year…my birthday!

I will be celebrating my last day of being 45 with an 11 hour all 45s live stream on Xmas Eve. It features killer 45s DJs from around the World and kicks off at 13:00 GMT. Big ups to Disco Friday for having me as their guest as well and raiding into the stream my birthday set at 19:00 GMT. It is going to be a lot of fun. I hope you can come join the party.  

Check the lineup and follow all the DJ’s:

13:00 twitch.tv/tsucchiraida310 (22:00 JST)

14:00 twitch.tv/fortyfiveday – DJ JS and DJ Ohhh – 45 Kids – (01:00 AEDT)

15:00 twitch.tv/djtanner98 (10:00 EST) AV set

16:00 twitch.tv/fortyfiveday – Zizi45 (45 Kids) and myself

17:00 twitch.tv/farbsie_funk (12:00 EST)

18:00 twitch.tv/djbillbh (15:00 BRZ)

19:00 twitch.tv/fortyfiveday – My Birthday Set

20:00 twitch.tv/thegafflive (15:00 EST)

21:00 twitch.tv/sam_tweaks

22:00 twitch.tv/fortyfiveday – DJ Robert Smith (23:00 CET)

22:45 twitch.tv/sideshowmaule (23:45 CET)

We then raid to Tommy T – twitch.tv/tommyt_dj for the after party seeing you into xmas day morning till 1am.

Big up to Shaun P for the portrait and Baby Yoda painting – Funky P