We Love 7s

We Love 7s – Volume 1 (07/07/22-10/07/22) – featured 80 Hours of 7″ vinyl live stream DJ sets across 4 days with 110 DJ’s taking part from around the World. It was an amazing event and may well be a twitch or even a World record for the most hours of 7″ vinyl played in a row. The event featured men, women and kid DJs of all ages and backgrounds.

I have to give massive thanks to all of the people involved in putting this together:

Sideshow Maule on 07/07/2022 – 7th of the 7th – put together the second edition of his annual 7 deadly 7’s event in which he invites DJ’s to select their 7 deadliest 7″ vinyl records and play them during a 20 minute set. He had 81 DJ’s across 26 hours.  

Next up was my brand new raid event 24-7 – 24 hours of 7s. 24 DJ’s from the UK, Brazil, Japan, Canada and the US were curated by DJ Sweettooth, DJ Bill, Saywsup2momo and myself. 

After that we raided into the Forty Five Kings Collective weekly Saturday morning show Coffee and Donuts which I host with Fatwax45. This was show 90 and featured special back to back live DJ sessions from Italy and Swindon.

We then moved into A Saturday Night Experience fresh off the back of their first birthday which they made into a 7″ vinyl special. Big shout out to Chris Wheatley and RevolutionsLDN for organising this part of the event. 

Finally we raided back to the Forty Five Kings for their monthly Jazz 45s show Bright as the Sun which again recently celebrated its first anniversary, 

The vibes in the chat were amazing throughout and it has been a pleasure to see the 45s community some together and expand through collaboration with other like minded organisers and DJ’s. 

I will be chatting to some of the organisers on a forthcoming show so watch this space as we will be discussing twitch, raid events, 7s and how we see the culture moving forwards. 

The next event will be a 2 day/night live event in Edinburgh on 29 and 30 July 2022. If you are in the area and would like to join us then check out the details in the flyer below.