The Traffic – Beat it/Thriller – 45 Day Review

If you have listened to any of my mixes or radio shows you will know that I am a big fan of cover versions. I already own a number of The Traffic’s releases on 45 which are always super dope and very popular. The Traffic’s latest release – #009 on Choi Records – takes on two of Michael Jackson’s biggest hits Beat It and Thriller with great instrumental covers.

Beat It has a chugging funk beat and refrain from start to finish. The wah wah guitar and flute come in to “sing” the lyrics. As with most of The Traffic’s covers, these songs are so well known and imbedded in your musical brain that you can’t help but find yourself singing along even though it is an instrumental.

Thriller starts off as a chilled affair with a laid back beat and striking brass section throughout. The track builds up through its just under 5 minute length and perhaps ends a little too soon. I know “always leave them wanting more” is a great saying and perhaps in a live setting the track will be extended or there will be a Part 2 to keep the vibe going as the track can definitely handle a longer version.

Both these tracks have been covered before but I think that these versions do stand out and will be played by DJ’s of all styles for many years to come.

I haven’t held one in real life yet but the red and black splatter vinyl looks dope and is in keeping with MJ’s legendary outfit for the Thriller video.

It is a must buy in my humble opinion. You can listen and order yourself a copy now from the bandcamp page below.

Choi records from Australia consistently puts out quality music on 45. The label is run by Ivan Khatchoyan who recorded a superb Choi records exclusive mix for 45 Day 2020. You can check out his interview.