The Sunday Get Down Interview

Can you tell us about your background. When did you first get into DJing, who introduced you to it, and what styles of music do you play?

We first got into DJing 8 years ago when we started to go record shopping in Rarekind Records shop in Brighton with our Dad. The guy who owned the store would let us rummage through the 1 pound 7″ box on the floor. We were only 3-4 years old and didn’t know how to read but we did know the Motown logo, the Epic logo and the Stax logo too. So we’d just pick out some random records, have a listen, we were only allowed to buy one record so we had to choose the best! At the time we were into Funky-Disco, now we are into Funk and Hip Hop.

I know that you are big fans of hip hop and you have had great support from The Allergies and also Andy Cooper who produced an intro track for you. Can you tell us how that came about and also some of the other hip hop artists you like to play and why?

We played one of Andy Cooper’s songs in a set and we tagged him in in the track list, he saw it and he got in touch saying he had already done a song called Get Down with DJar One and said he would love to do a version for us as a theme tune. We sent him some information about us and a few hours later he sent us a version all about us. It was amazing!

We like to play all sorts of Hip Hop but especially DJ Premier, Biggie, Krs-One, Wu Tang Clan and all the other Golden Era Hip Hop artists.

I’m also part of a DJ duo – the Original 45ers – and love playing back to back with my co-DJ Big404. Do you share a record collection or do you each have your own and is there certain styles/genres that each of you prefer

We share a record collection and we both really like the same music. Arlo mostly does the record selecting.
You have been releasing recorded videos of your sets for some time now and have recently moved over to live streaming on twitch. How have you found that transition and has it changed how you present your sets?

We love Twitch, it changed our whole career: Otis has got really good on the mic, we can interact with the chat. We also like lego and we’ve made new lego animations to go on our live streams. It’s great fun watching DJs doing their sets there and the whole community.

You were a guest on the 45 Kids live stream event on the Forty Five Kings Channel that my daughter Zizi45 helped organise. How did you find that experience and what advice do you have for other young people who may want to get into DJing? 

We loved being involved in the 45 community with it’s lovely people and great DJs. 45s are a great way to start out because there’s loads of good music on 45s and you can get them second-hand for really cheap. And then, if you want to get into the collecting part of it, it’s like Pokemon cards but way cooler! But really it’s all about enjoying the music!!!