Wally Puma

Vinyl digger curating his collection since the 90s and through stints as a vinyl manager at both Seattle’s Platinum Records and Everyday Music. His vast musical knowledge and dj influence rooted in hip-hop/dance music culture show in his ability to dj for both discerning ears and party people alike. Currently based in London UK, you can find him scouring record bins worldwide, working on his own remixes, or in front of a bassbin, Hennessy in hand.

Notable gigs and residencies:
London, UK
– Chip Shop (90s HipHop/RnB/Rmxs)

Seattle, USA
– Midnight Hotline Rendezvous w/Zac Hendrix (all vinyl modern soul, funk, boogie)
– Snap! 90s night w/Trashy Trash DJs (90s hip-hop/dance)
– Uptown Saturday Nights (party classics, future bass)
– Bashment (dancehall / jungle)