Tom Ski

The best thing that came out of the pandemic for me was that I rediscovered my record collection, I’d been doing it digitally for a few years prior, & started doing a live show every week on Mixcloud. For my 45 Day Uplifting Mix I thought I’d go right back to where it all started playing my dad’s very old 7”s (with sound quality to match, but that’s part of the charm). When I mentioned to my friend, who worked in a bar, that it would be nice to try them out on a pair of decks he said why not come down one night when he was on shift & try out the house ones. As it happened, the owner was in. & instead of telling me to sling my hook (which is what I thought he’d do) he said “Nice tunes. Come back next week & I’ll pay you.”

& that’s how I started DJing.