Anyone that knows Scottie knows music is his inspiration, my passion. He made that connection early in life and has been an avid record collector and DJ for over 40 years, if it on vinyl, he wants it! Having been a Mixcloud and Ness Radio contributor since launch. He Dj’s in his hometown, all the time and is a know face in and around EdinburghClick to discover all sorts of musical treats. One minute I’ll be rocking underground house, the next twisted dubbed up disco, or dropping in some conscious reggae, all in the mix for you to enjoy. Every listen he get motivates him to search for the best new and old music, once you go into his mixes,  he promises a journey for the eclectic state of mind. Nothing is left out, he plays it all, if it good, its played.

Scottieboy also provides the brilliant photo of his music room which graces the 45 Day website front screen.