Dr Flipside

My love of music started when I found out there was a record shop in Biddulph,  where the first 7″ I bought was Gary Moore ” Friday on my mind ” I was probably 13 then,  and then after raiding my mum n dads vinyl and listening to it countless times, started to buy things like, tears for fears,  and aha,  wet wet wet, and then I heard electronic music and found HOUSE MUSIC and “Shelleys Laserdome” 

It wasn’t long after that, I got my first set of Decks,  after trying to mix on 2 hifis! That’s when I started to appreciate the djs and the music they gave to us and wanted to give something back, even if I only played in a house I was giving it back, house music is my forte but my good friend Mister Salt has introduced me back to 7s and opened up a whole new world again, which I am very much enjoying.