DJ Marycherry

Marycherry is a Berlin and Paris based DJ, 

Host of the Psyché-O-Rama show on Rock&Folk Radio in Paris and her own events called ,,A Night with Marycherry’’.

She is also part of a girls-only collective based in the US, called ,, Les Filles”.

Marie is a German native, and plays music since now almost 6 years.

She started djing in Paris, and with time playing more and more abroad.

Having a passion for the 60s and 70s she dived into records a few years ago and started collecting them, and it never stopped!

Marycherry plays 60s Garage, Freakbeat, and usually mixes it with some Motown or Soul.

Living in France for 11 years has brought her deeper into Yé-Yé music, which also inspires a lot of her mixes and sets.

What brings her the biggest joy is to meet different people while djing and make them dance and give them a good time, and see them smiling.