DJ Marvin-O

A collector of vinyl records for more than 30 years (26,000 pieces in the catalogue) and a globetrotter thanks to music, he has lived in several cities around the world.

His selection is based on pure instinct, his DJ sets are open to both classical and unexpected music. It has no patterns but pure love for sound in all its derivations and singularities. Former Schedule Manager of Radio Italia, he has been resident DJ in various and famous clubs and vintage venues around the world, including the Micca Club in Rome and the 100 Club in London.

It has been included in the book “Vinilici”, a real handbook for collectors in the sector. He participates in festivals, evenings, events where he shares his performances with national and international artists where he offers musical paths that span decades and genres always using the exclusive vinyl format that creates an immediate and fascinating retro atmosphere.