DJ Bace Monk

Photo of DC Bace Monk playing 7" vinyl
Known for seamless blends and impeccable taste, DJ Bace Monk has DJed regularly on the St. Louis area’s bar and event scene since 2010. Prior to that he was a college radio DJ at KCOU 88.1 in Columbia, MO. He has also played events and weddings throughout the Midwest as a member of the Galaxy Red Band.

A lifelong collector of vinyl, he began focusing on hip-hop in the late 90s. Since then his collection has expanded to include soul, funk, jazz, disco, boogie, house and beyond. In 2016, he began spinning all 45 sets when possible and working to build up his collection of 45s.

When he is not digging for 45s or making a mix for 45 Day, you can catch him DJing on Twitch or at events around St. Louis.