Crate Invader

Richard K aka Crate Invader (floor to ceiling radio London – vinyl 45 only radio station) I started collecting records at the age of 11 (a copy of Herbie Hancock’s Rockit from Woolworth’s) and nearly 40 years on I still haven’t stopped. Aged 16 it occurred to me that I couldn’t afford to feed my vinyl addiction by simply buying records from the record shops and so I started advertising in the classified’s. This has led to a lifetime of buying and selling hundreds of record collections of all sizes from 10 to 10,000. But my first and greatest love has always been for 45’s and after stints on various radio stations in London inc Point Blank FM and Kane FM, I decided to create my own vinyl 45 specific station and thus ‘floor to ceiling’ radio was born. Based in London we’ll be streaming live to the UK, US and Canada and worldwide via the radio apps. Launching May 8th, you can find out more at