3M DJ Collective

The Classic 3M DJ Collective from Portland, OR Started as a respite from the clubs. 3M provided a space for DJs to spin off kilter music in some of Portland’s finest dive bars. Beulahland, Bar of the Gods, and others.
Atom 13
 The founder of the 3M DJ Collective.  Back for another 45 Day bringing some rare African heaters to the party.
Vinyl Philanderer
Letter Fumbler
Board Rider

Moss Appeal 

Pete Moss has been playing records in Portland, Oregon for decades.  Mostly for himself but every once in a while he wanders into a dive bar with a stack of funk under his arm and plays for free beer.  He has also hosted a radio show on Portland’s premier pirate radio station and though the station is long gone, the show continues as Moss Appeal.  Hosted by Radio RapTZ on mixcloud.

Ol Rhodesy
Owner and operator of the best pinball bar with the worst parking.  Wedgeheadpdx.com  Rhodes is also an avid collector of some precious donuts.