Lady Melza Interview

Can you tell us about your history as a DJ, when you first started and which DJs influenced you?
So I’m relatively new to playing out & I’m still uncomfortable with being called a DJ I don’t feel I’ve really earned that right for some reason but its been nearly 4 years now. I’ve always loved and collected music and vinyl but was never brave enough to play out, was encouraged to by a friend and kinda just went from there. 
As for influences there are many but to name just a few my friend Spider, he’s taught me so much about music along with his wife Nicky, they have introduced me to so much music and have supported and encouraged me to play records.
Colleen Cosmo Murphy her knowledge and collection is incredible she of course played with the late David Mancuso. 
Sadar Bahar blows me away every time I have seen him and his 45 collection is incredible. 
Larry Levan i’m not sure I need to explain that one.
I could go on there really are many people that blow my mind with there section or their turntable skills, I love to learn from anyone that i’m playing with or watching.
You are a big hip hop fan and we recently DJ’ed together at Rope a Dope in Bristol. Who are you favourite 3 Hip Hop artists/Acts and why do they stand out for you?
I am, I don’t even really know how that happened I just remember hearing breaks on the radio and thinking I love that sound.
Rakim, his sound his flow and all round genius, he is certainly one of the greatest to ever do it and I don’t tire of listening to him
Big Daddy Kane, I love his sound and I guess i’m kinda stuck in an 80’s Bubble and love this era
Public Enemy again I love their sound and what they stood and still stand for, it was a powerful time and they stood and spoke out.
Again I have so many more to add to this list and would probably give you different answers next week if you asked me this question again, but i’ll go with that for now.
Like me you love your 45s. What is it about the format that you love and when did you first get the 45s bug?
Again I’m relatively new to the 45 game its been 4 years, I’ve collected a few over the years but its got pretty bad now, I love using 45’s I find them easy to play and I’m not really one for dragging a song out I like to get as many in as I can without compromising the song of course.
It is great to see so many female DJs in the 45s scene and it has inspired my own daughter Zizi45. What advice would you have to any upcoming DJs ?
Just do it, don’t doubt yourself, you will make mistakes but you learn and move on, submerge yourself in music and good people that also love music and you will start a journey with them. Practice lots and don’t take any crap form anyone that has any negativity towards you, be kind & take any chances you are given.
What are you top 5 45s that you could never live without? 
Ohhhhhh this is tough if I really have to I guess
Nina Simone – Baltimore
Eric B & Rakim – Know The Ledge
Joe Smooth – Promise Land
Young Mc – Know How
Geraldine Hunt – Cant Fake the Feeling
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