Superfly Funk & Soul Belfast &
We❤️45s: Belfast
13 October 2023

An Englishman, a Welshman, a Scot and a Greek fly to Ireland to spin 7″ Vinyl!

Nestled within the vibrant heart of Belfast, the stage is set at the iconic Ulster Sports Club, celebrated for its lively atmosphere and exceptional acoustics. The venue, renowned for nurturing local talent and embracing the rich tapestry of music, serves as the perfect backdrop for our forthcoming 7″ vinyl event in Belfast on 13 October 2023.

The event is a collaboration between two musical powerhouses: Superfly Funk and Soul Belfast and We Love 45s. Together, we are poised to deliver an unforgettable experience that melds the nostalgia of vinyl with the contemporary music scene.

In the sections below you can read more about the promoters, the brilliant DJs, and the enchanting venue that will make this event a true celebration of music and vinyl culture. 

Tickets: £7 Adv. / £10 O.T.D – Click for tickets

The Promoters

Superfly Funk and Soul Belfast: 

With an illustrious history spanning over eight years, Superfly Funk and Soul Belfast, created and run by Pete Brady, has been a driving force behind the city’s dynamic music scene. His dedication to curating unforgettable experiences has seen him bring illustrious acts like The Allergies. Smoove & Turrell, Norman Jay MBE and many more to Belfast, leaving a trail of awe-inspiring performances in their wake. Superfly Funk and Soul Belfast’s commitment to celebrating modern funk and soul music has established them as pioneers in the realm of live music events.

We Love 45s: 

On the other side of the vinyl spectrum, We Love 45s, created and run by Criztoz (45 Day), has been at the forefront of championing 7″ vinyl, its DJs, and communities across the UK. From the energetic streets of Brighton to the historic avenues of Edinburgh, We Love 45s has left an indelible mark by hosting events in cities such as Chester, Cambridge, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Stoke, and Worthing. Their mission to preserve the essence of vinyl culture  and push it forward is reflected in their tireless efforts to bring together music aficionados in celebration of this timeless medium, build a long lasting community, and also promote the next generation of DJ’s the 45 Kids. 

The DJ's

Pete Brady: The Funk & Soul Maestro

At the helm of Superfly Funk and Soul Belfast stands the indefatigable Pete Brady, a driving force in bringing modern funk outfits from around the world to the vibrant city of Belfast. Pete’s unwavering passion for music and his dedication to showcasing forward-thinking artists have left an indelible mark on the city’s music scene.

Global Funk Ambassador: Pete’s mission is clear: to introduce Belfast to the brilliance of modern funk outfits from across the globe. His efforts have seen him collaborate with and host a diverse array of artists, each pushing the boundaries of funk and soul music. Through his tireless work, he has provided a platform for these innovators to share their music with an eager and receptive audience.

Radio Show Host: Pete Brady’s influence extends well beyond the live stage. He is a prominent radio show host, regularly gracing the airwaves of The Face Radio with his eclectic selections and in-depth knowledge of funk and soul. His radio appearances serve as a testament to his commitment to sharing the grooves that inspire him.

Respected DJ on the UK Scene: Pete’s reputation as a respected DJ in the UK’s funk and soul scene is undeniable. His turntable skills and deep crates of rare grooves have made him a sought-after DJ at funk and soul events across the United Kingdom. Whether he’s spinning vintage classics or the latest cutting-edge tracks, Pete knows how to keep the dancefloor alive.

Pete Brady’s unwavering dedication to modern funk and soul music, both as the head of Superfly Funk and Soul Belfast and as a radio personality and DJ, has cemented his status as a maestro of the genre. His contributions to the music community in Belfast and beyond have enriched the lives of music enthusiasts and artists alike. With Pete’s involvement, the forthcoming 7″ vinyl event promises to be an unforgettable experience, a testament to his passion for forward-thinking music and the vibrant culture of funk and soul.

Criztoz: The 7″ Vinyl Visionary

Meet the mastermind behind the global phenomenon known as 45 Day and a driving force in the celebration of 7″ vinyl culture, Criztoz. As a multifaceted artist and enthusiast of all things vinyl, Criztoz brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the turntables.

DJ Extraordinaire: Criztoz’s DJ sets are a testament to his eclectic taste and boundless enthusiasm for vinyl records. He skilfully weaves together an array of styles, including funk, hip hop, reggae, Latin, and world music, creating a sonic journey that transcends genres and generations. 

Live Streamer on Twitch: Beyond his live performances, Criztoz extends his vinyl magic to the digital realm, where he engages with a global audience on Twitch. Through his live streams, he shares his extensive vinyl collection, educates viewers on the beauty of 7″ records, and curates unforgettable musical experiences for his online community.

Talk Show Host: Criztoz is not just about the music; he’s also a captivating talk show host. His discussions dive deep into vinyl culture, music history, and the stories behind the records. These conversations provide a platform for fellow vinyl enthusiasts to connect and share their passion but also to engage in important discussions about mental health.

Event Organizer and Community Builder: Criztoz’s dedication to vinyl culture extends to the physical realm. Collaborating with curators from across the UK, he plays a pivotal role in organizing the “We Love 45s” events in collaboration with other selected event organisers. These gatherings serve as a testament to his commitment to building a vibrant and inclusive vinyl community.

Podcaster: Beyond the turntables and talk shows, Criztoz shares his insights and experiences through podcasting. His podcasts are a treasure trove of vinyl stories, artist interviews, and insights into the world of 7″ vinyl.

Criztoz’s multifaceted contributions to the vinyl community have made him a prominent figure in the scene, and his dedication to preserving and promoting 7″ vinyl culture is an inspiration to music lovers worldwide. His presence at the forthcoming event will undoubtedly add a unique and unparalleled dimension to the vinyl celebration in Belfast.

T2Funk: The Groove Architect

Meet Tony, the creative mastermind behind Regulate Recordings, a label that has been consistently delivering dancefloor dynamite on 7″ vinyl. 

The Regulate Recordings Signature: What sets Regulate Recordings apart is its commitment to crafting 7″ vinyl releases that are nothing short of sonic masterpieces. These tracks are meticulously built from the ground up, featuring classic samples, live bass, and vocals that breathe life into the grooves. Tony’s dedication to authenticity shines through in every release, ensuring that each track captures the essence of funk in its purest form.

Airwaves and DJ Support: Regulate Recordings’ infectious grooves have resonated far and wide, earning them radio play on prestigious shows like the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show and Huey Morgan’s radio program. The support of esteemed DJs like Boca45, Skratch Bastid, DJ Robert Smith, and DJ Woody is a testament to the label’s impact on the 7″ Vinyl scene.

Dynamic Duo with Rebel Skum: Tony is not alone in his quest to ignite dancefloors with funk-fueled magic. Together with his DJ and production partner, Rebel Skum, they form a dynamic duo that knows how to create musical alchemy. Their synergy has rocked events in the Midlands, leaving audiences at festivals like Moovin Festival spellbound by their electrifying sets.

Tony’s leadership at Regulate Recordings and his partnership with Rebel Skum have made them formidable forces in the world of funk and soul music. Their presence at the forthcoming 7″ vinyl event in Belfast promises to bring a wave of infectious, danceable energy, and a showcase of tracks that are the epitome of funk, setting the stage for an unforgettable musical journey.

Sam Tweaks: The Vinyl Luminary

In the world of 7″ vinyl records, few DJs have a journey as storied and influential as Sam Tweaks. With roots dating back to the rave days of the ’90s, Sam has continuously evolved and embraced new platforms to share his passion for music.

Rave Pioneer Turned DJ Extraordinaire: Sam Tweaks’ musical journey began during the iconic rave era of the 1990s, where the sound of vinyl reigned supreme. Sam stood out from the pack as one of the few DJ’s spinning 7″ Vinyl when all around him were dropping 12″ records. His journey has been nothing short of remarkable, with Sam running a highly successful mobile DJing business that brought the party to countless events and venues.

Twitch Trailblazer: In 2020, Sam Tweaks made a bold leap into the digital realm by embracing Twitch, the live streaming platform. Here, he carved out a unique niche by showcasing his skills with 7″ vinyl records. His charisma and talent quickly attracted a large and dedicated following, making him the first 45s-specific DJ to achieve Twitch partner status. With nearly 15,000 followers and counting, Sam’s live streams continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

Sharing the Stage with Legends: Sam Tweaks’ exceptional DJing prowess has earned him the privilege of sharing an online stage with heavyweight and well-established DJs like David Morales, The Funk Hunters, Skratch Bastid, and many more. His ability to seamlessly blend classic and contemporary sounds on 7″ vinyl has made him a sought-after collaborator.

Festival Maestro: Sam’s journey has taken him to various prestigious UK festivals, including Glastonbury, Leopallooza, Suckafest, and Electric Picnic. These stages have witnessed his infectious energy and vibrant vinyl sets, leaving festivalgoers with unforgettable memories.

Producer Extraordinaire: Sam Tweaks isn’t just a DJ; he’s also a brilliant producer. His talent shines through in his own edits and mash-ups of upbeat tracks, showcasing his creativity and innovation in the studio.

Sam Tweaks’ dedication to the 7″ vinyl format and his ability to adapt to new digital frontiers have made him a true luminary in the world of music. His presence at the forthcoming 7″ vinyl event in Belfast promises to be a highlight, as he brings his decades of experience and boundless enthusiasm to the turntables, creating a sonic journey that transcends time and genre.

Scottieboy: The Vinyl Lifelong Enthusiast

Scottieboy’s journey in the world of vinyl and DJing began at the tender age of 15, and since then, he has remained an unwavering and dedicated force in the music scene. His story is a testament to the power of passion and persistence.

From Edinburgh to the World: Scottieboy’s earliest DJing days saw him entertaining guests at his parents’ hotel in the vibrant city of Edinburgh. What started as a humble endeavor soon transformed into a lifelong love affair with vinyl and the art of DJing. Over the years, he has held numerous residencies in his beloved home city, contributing to its rich musical tapestry. 

7″ Vinyl Events: In 2022 and 2023 Scottieboy has collaborated with Criztoz to put on 3 succesful 2 night We Love 45s events in Edinburgh curating a brilliant selection of DJ’s from around the UK.  

A Collector’s Treasure Trove: Scottieboy’s dedication to vinyl collecting knows no boundsI He has also recently found his place on Twitch and presents a weekly Sunday morning Show called The Sunday Grace.

The Venue

The Ulster Sports Club

The venue provides an intimate and inviting setting that bridges the gap between yesteryears and today. Its underground charm promises to transport attendees back to the golden era of vinyl, all while celebrating the vibrant present-day music scene. The anticipation is palpable as the city eagerly awaits the arrival of the UK’s finest DJs, all converging at the Ulster Sports Club to deliver a musical extravaganza like no other.