45/Vinyl related face masks

Countries across the World are trying to deal with the”new normal” after the initial wave of Coronavirus. This includes many countries asking their citizens, and some making it mandatory with threats of fines, to wear masks. Here in the UK face coverings in all shops is mandatory as of 24 July 2020 with a fine of £100 will be imposed for anyone not complying.

One unintended consequence of this is that there is now large scale production of disposable paper masks.  These are only single use, are uncomfortable to wear but perhaps most importantly there is already reports of many simply being dumped and this is likely to be a disaster for the environment.

I was searching around to find some face mask designs related to 45’s or vinyl but I couldn’t find quite what i was looking for on other selling sites. Over in Australia some states have gone back into lockdown and the requirements to wear face covering are much stricter there requiring people to wear them whenever they leave their homes for.

Dr Diggns already has some great vinyl related T-shirt and Cap designs on his website and he has now branched into face masks with some very cool designs for the vinyl or 45 lover. The face masks are printed in London so shipping is naturally cheapest for England/EU customers. A bulk order has been made for Australian customers so please message him directly.

Check out his website for more details.