45 Kids

Zizi45 came up with the concept of the 45 Kids – kids from around the World playing 45s on live streams. 

There has been a series of 45 Kids live streams including 3 brilliant Halloween special where the Kids all dressed up and played spooky tunes, christmas streams, and Zizi’s birthday streams. 

A number of the 45 Kids have also been asked to be part of other online live streams including Xambra! 

Some of the 45 Kids have now also played out at real life gigs and have put together their first audio mixes for 45 Day – click their name below to check out their profile pages. 

Zizi45 and the other 45 Kids have helped raise over £1100 for Jessie’s Fund which is a music therapy charity which helps children with special needs and in hospices. If you would like to donate please visit the link – justgiving.com/fundraising/45kids

In addition Evie Wonder suggested that we should do a stream to raise money for homeless people so earlier in 2023 we did a parent and Kid stream and raised over £400 for Shelter. If you would like to donate please visit the link – justgiving.com/fundraising/fortyfivekidsshelter