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45 Day Place I Call Home Mix

We now have over 275 DJs as part of the 45 Day community from all over the World. 

I love hearing and playing music from all around the World and being a 45s DJ allows me to do this quite often in the same set. 

I thought it would be a great idea to invite you to record a mix of 45s to represent the place you call home. This may be the country you currently live in, the country that you or your family originate from, or a mix of both. Depending where you call home this could even be a mix of 45s from a particular city eg Berlin, Glasgow, London, Melbourne, New York, Rio, Tokyo, etc

If you would like to take part please record a 45 minute all 45s (7inch vinyl) mix of any genre/mix of styles from your home city/country.

Once your mix is recorded please upload it to your own Mixcloud page. If you do not have Mixcloud Pro or space to upload your mix to your own page then I am happy to host it on the 45 Day Mixcloud page. I will need you to send me the 320 Mp3 or Wav of the mix. 

Please name your mix “(DJ Name) Place i call home mix for 45 Day”

Please use the tags “vinyl”, “vinyl only” and then three other tags of your choosing. Using these tags will hopefully help to get your mix into the Mixcloud trending charts. 

In the description of the mix please can you include the following so that people know what 45 Day is about:

“45 Day is a celebration of the humble 7” vinyl record with DJs from around the world recording a 45 minute all 45s mix. This mix is comprised of 45s from the place i call home – https://www.Fortyfiveday.com”

If you are new to 45 Day please can you email me fortyfiveday@gmail.com to confirm that you will be taking part and send me the following as soon as possible:

  1. Square pic of you/your logo
  2. Short bio
  3. Your social media profile links eg Facebook/Instagram/twitch etc

Once your mix is uploaded please email me the link to the mix so that I can add it to the website, your DJ profile page and also to the 45 Day Mixcloud stream.

Spread the word

Please help spread the word and follow 45 Day on social media and also check out the website.







45 Day Community

I have been totally blown away by the support I have received for 45 Day and how it has grown. This has only been possible with your support and involvement in 45 Day so thank you so much for being part of this amazing community.


If you have any questions, queries or ideas then please drop me an email or message.

Best wishes