45 Day now in Days of the Year!

After 45 Day last year Mark James from Soul 45 suggested that I should submit 45 Day to Days of the Year as it was going to be a regular event and it would help to spread the word about the event. I submitted an application and a little while later I had the great news that it had been added to their calendar with a great write up. Check it out by clicking here. Even better is that it currently sits underneath Star Wars day and being a big fan of Star Wars this brought a big smile to my face.

There is still just about time to get involved this year if you would like to do a mix. The cut off is 15 April 2021 so drop me an email fortyfiveday@gmail.com for all of the information.

Details of the live stream DJ event on Twitch on 04 May 2021 will be released shortly so make sure you follow us on the socials for more details.