45 Day 2022 - All the info you need

Hey 45ers

Thank you for being part of the 45 Day community.

If you are reading this it means that you have previously submitted a mix for 45 Day or have let me know that you would like to be involved this year.

If you are new to 45 Day please can you email me fortyfiveeday@gmail.com to confirm that you will be taking part and send me the following as soon as possible:

  1. Square pic of you/your logo
  2. Short bio
  3. Maximum of 3 social media profile links eg Facebook/Instagram/twitch etc

45 Day Mix

Please record a 45 minute all 45s (7inch vinyl) mix of any genre/mix of styles. Eclectic mixes are encouraged as are mixes that are different to what you may usually play, label or artist showcases, or themed mixes.

Once your mix is recorded please upload it to your own Mixcloud page between 18 April to 01 May 2022.

Please name your mix “(DJ Name) mix for 45 Day 2022”

Please use the tags “vinyl” “vinyl only” and “45day2022” and then two other tags of your choosing. Using these tags will hopefully help to get your mix into the Mixcloud trending charts. At one point last year we had 20 45 Day mixes in the top 50 vinyl chart including a #1 for my good friend Mr Lob – co-founder of the Forty Five Kings Collective.

In the description of the mix please can you include the following so that people know what 45 Day is about:

“45 Day is a celebration of the humble 7” vinyl record and happens on 04 May each year with DJs from around the world recording a 45 minute all 45s mix”

I attach the 45 Day 2022 logo which you can use as the artwork for your mix or you can incorporate it in some way if you like.

Once your mix is uploaded please email me the link to the mix so that I can add it to the website, your DJ profile page and also to the 45 Day Mixcloud stream.

45 Day 2022 Live Stream

This year to mark 45 Day there will again be a twitch DJ live stream raid event covering 36 hours starting at 2pm on 03 May 2022 and going right through to 2am on 05 May 2022. This will feature 45 Kings, Queens and Kids and a special edition of Dusty Donuts show Wednesdays on Wax. Flyer and full details will follow in due course but I have put together a varied mix of 45s DJs to entertain you with their little records.

45 Day DJ Profile page

I am currently updating the website so that each DJ who has taken part in 45 Day will have their own profile page. This will include a pic, short bio, social media links, links to their 45 Day mix(es). links to any of my radio or talk shows that they have appeared on and interviews they have done with me for the website.

As you will appreciate this will take some time. If you have previously submitted a mix then I will have all of your info already. If you are new to 45 Day then please send me your info as soon as possible.

Spread the word

As you start posting about 45 Day please help to spread the word by tagging your posts with “45Day” and “45Day2022”.

Please also follow 45 Day on social media and also check out the website.







45 Day Community

I have been totally blown away by the support I have already received from you for 45 Day and how it has grown. You have all made this event what it is and without you it could never have happened.

45 Day has grown from 52 mixes, a radio show and one live stream in 2020 to 138 DJs, 141 mixes and a 20 hour live stream in 2021.

In addition there have been 30 45 Day Radio Shows, I have hosted 15 episodes of my mental health talk show Part of my Journey, 16 episodes of my talk show All back to mine and 4 episodes of the 45 Kids talk show. This is in addition to all of the DJ raid events I run and the regular charity streams for mental health and music therapy charities.

This has only been possible with your support and involvement in 45 Day so thank you so much for being part of this amazing community.


If you have any questions or queries at all about 45 Day then please drop me an email or message.

I am very excited about 45 Day and the community we have all built together and cannot wait to hear your all of your mixes and build the connections with you.

Best wishes