4.5 Days of 45s - 01-05 November 2023

Immerse yourself in 4.5 Days of 45s, celebrating 4.5 years of 45 Day! 

This monumental event marks our biggest endeavor yet, and probably the biggest 45s celebration ever organised, offering an uninterrupted 108-hour musical journey featuring 88 DJs from around the World streamed live on Twitch.TV.

The event includes two live record store streams from Fat Fenders Records in Dresden, Germany, and Rarekind Records in Brighton, UK.

We have also collaborated with some of our favourite Twitch Raid trains, curators and shows including Raiders of the Lost Art, Plattenpapzt_Official’s Soul Searching Show, BartyKutz’s Dial in Show, Dusty Donuts, SayWsUpToMomo, Slo Mo Monday, and the 45 Kids.

As a special treat, exclusive discount codes will be available throughout the event for purchasing 45s from top international vendors, including Dr Diggns (Australia), Bumrush45 (USA), Jazzman Records (UK), and 45rpm.co.uk (UK). See discount flyers below.

This is 45 Day like you’ve never experienced before!