Sam Tweaks Interview

When and how did you first get into DJ’ing and how would you describe your style?

I was always a dancer, if music makes me happy i want to dance. I could be found regularly dancing to the UK top 40 on a Sunday afternoon with my mum when not diving for the pause button on the tape deck to edit out Richard Skinner or Bruno Brookes. I have thought long and hard about what moment defined me wanting to become a DJ and I have pinpointed it to Michael Gray (whom I now have had the opportunity to tell via Twitch) Djing the Brits 1990 dance medley LIVE (well most def live to a 14 year old Sam) whilst being handed the 12″s by Johnathan King (hence the video footage of this is hard to find) – the concept of making a greater whole from parts of songs blew my 14 year old mind and that was me hooked.
How long have you been collecting 45s and why do you love the format?
I was always a 45s lover – from 1986 onwards I bought and played records on 7″ – I am a hoarder so the idea of having a single track on a single tactile unit was magical. For me it’s not the same kind of feel you get with a CD single or 12″ or mp3 with more tracks – the 7″ is the best bits of a song condensed into 3/4 minutes of bliss. I will concede that certain songs are better on 12″ for the full version (eg Blue Monday New Order) but for me the 7″ has always been king.
Since lockdown started in 2020 you moved onto Twitch and have really made it your own amassing a great and ever increasing community of followers. Congratulations on also recently becoming a Twitch Partner. Why do you love twitch so much and how do you see it progressing as and when lockdowns end.  
I was never a fan of being on camera – and the idea of making mistakes that people could revisit on youtube or Facebook I found horrid (I never mind making mistakes live as it’s part of the experience) so for me I always wanted to keep away from live streaming. However the pandemic made a lot of people concerned, afraid and lonely so I started doing Facebook streams on our local community Facebook page to keep spirits up. I found I got a similar buzz from the chat room reaction as when I play to a packed dance floor, however Facebook pull downs were always super frustrating. Mojaxx suggested to me that Twitch looked like the ONE going forward so beginning of June 2020 I took the Twitch plunge.  Best thing i have ever done. I think big names will stream less when lockdown ends but I can see them still doing a weekly style show. For me I want to keep streaming as long as I can – the comfort and freedom of spinning 45s on twitch to my hearts content is amazing. I was always a serial mixtape compiler at home, forever doing new mixes for friends and my car journeys, now I just do them live on Twitch with reaction. It’s magic!
What are your top 5 tips and tweaks – see what i did there – for live streamers?
Be consistent. Stick to your schedule. Don’t look at the numbers when live (save the agony / elation until after the stream) Be original. Keep moving forwards.
What 3 tracks would you like to see released on 45?
Sampe The Great Final Form – Oddisee That’s Love –  Mylo Drop The Pressure – Wiseguys Oooh La La – Michael Gray The Weekend – Armand Van Helden / Cj Bolland Sugar Is Sweeter – I can go on……..