Pol CaHooNe

Pol CaHooNe aka Pol aka Mendozah aka Pablo Cardenal Junquera. MC, DJ, hip hop
and beats producer, record collector, digger and donuts junk.

Pol lived from music and now lives for the music. He for record labels (Es Tao Chun
Go, Capitol Records, PIAS, Columbia Records) in marketing and promotion for 8
years. When he realized that he would understand music better without business,
his life changed.

In early 2000’s Pol was Mendozah and released “Devenir”, a concious hip hop
album with jazz and funks moods. This project muted as a hip hop jazz band for
live shows with keys, drums, guitar, double bass and the guest MC Doble Ache.

Pol was also part of Freshfood, djiing and producing funk and breakbeats. In 2018
they promoted Up&Down Sessions at Marula Madrid. A donuts party with
headliners like Andy Smith, Boca 45, Dj Format or Dj Mr. Thing. Pandemic
lockdown meant the end of this era.

Pol has been djiing for 25 years, in clubs like Marula Madrid, Siroco, Moroco, El
Junco, Café Berlín or 4Latas and in private events for brands (Marlboro,
Purificación García, Havana Club) and movie premieres (Los Abrazos Rotos).

After djiing with lp’s, 12”, 7”, CD’s, USB’s and dj controllers, Pol has realized that
only has hands for the forty fives.

Actually is just djing and working in coming donuts.