Originally from California, Melbourne’s DJ Obliveus plays an infectious blend of funk, hip hop, reggae, soul, punk, disco, rock, pop, house to work the room. A party beat specialist, he has held down residencies at every major club night and all the major festivals. In 2018, he started a 45’s only label with Shan Frenzie called Juke Joints and the pair co-host a weekly radio show/podcast on 107.3 Base FM out of New Zealand and streaming worldwide called The Low End Theory (www.thelowendtheory.com.au). The pair have had many big names on the show like Crazy P, Ali Shaheed Mohammed (A Tribe Called Quest), The Allergies, DJ Format and plenty more.  Also releasing edits digitally (as Hoopty) and on his new imprint label, 45 Fanclub, with good mate Mexi out of Oregon, USA. obliveus.com