Nobody Buys Records

After eight years of excessive Industry Rule #4080 having signed record deals with certain labels in Boston and NY, Bankrupt Europeans formed their own Nobody Buys Records label as a home for their recordings in 2012. By that point a full album with MC Rise (ex Demigodz) had been recorded, as well as EPs with Phill Most Chill, AG and Chill Rob G, and the NBR releases kicked off with Phill Most Chill’s Fast Rap EP, which was the digital equivalent of selling records out of a truck boot! Without a site or any online presence, people had to email NBR to reserve a copy!

A 12” single split between DITC legend AG and MC Rise followed up on the Fast Rap EP, and was in itself followed up by Rise’s debut album! Releases continued with the Phill Most Chill Remix EP which saw Bankrupt Europeans remix some very rare and heavily sought after Phill Most tracks from the 80s, and then the legend Chill Rob G marked his return to wax and most certainly form with the Chilled, Not Frozen EP in 2015.

A little hiatus followed as 12s seem to quickly go out of fashion, and Bankrupt Europeans resurfaced in 2019 with the cut n paste anthem “Class Dismissed” featuring some insane scratches by DJ Muzzell and a verse by old NBR alumni Phill Most Chill. 2020 saw the first collaboration between undisputed freestyle GOAT MC Juice and Bankrupt Europeans, a project that the BEs had been trying to orchestrate for years! Following on from the success of the “Where You Go” 45, MC Juice and Bankrupt Europeans released a sequel called Unseen in September 2021, which sees MC Juice prove once again he’s not just a freestyle and battle MC over a sinister yet energetic Bankrupt Europeans beat.

2022 saw the birth of Analog Mutants (Phill Most Chill, Snafu and Grazzhoppa) with their first 45 Speak Easy/I’m On Vacation (808 Remix) and a shift towards modular production see the light of day, and by the dawn of 2023 the long awaited Dooley-O “Stick Yourself / Death Blow” 45 finally dropped after several pressing plant issues! The future brings some more 45s, EPs and 2LPs with more Analog Mutants, more MC Juice, Dizzy Dustin, Chubb Rock and a few others in the pipeline!