Forty Five Day 2021

4.5.2021 – May the 45 be with you!

Scroll down for Part 3 (101-138) of the epic lineup of 138 DJ’s (141 Mixes) from around the World who are part of 45 Day 2021.

A few of the 45 Day 2021 Highlights

Scroll down for Part 3 (101-138) of the 2021 mixes

45 Live - Greg Belson & Jon More

45 Live - Greg Belson & Jon More

Sam Tweaks

Sam Tweaks

25ThC - Criztoz

25ThC - Criztoz

Holly Holzwarth

When I started to dj in the 1990s, I used to play mainly indie music, with a broad range from punk to pop. My focus changed during the years and got more and more soulful – today my heart beats especially for Modern & Crossover Soul. 
Since 2010 I am a member of the dj collective 45° Degrees in Hamburg/Germany, consisting of four female Soul deejays. 


45 Degrees  


I’ve been buying records and tapes since 1982 and my first love is UK Hip Hop although i consider myself an all genre selector. Currently using Technics 1200 mk2 and a Numark Scratch mixer, finally learning some technical skills so i can deliver some seamless blends during live events and podcasts. As well as Music, I am passionate about the 80s, my dog and collect trainers/retro clothing.


Preddy Tendergrass

Topfenknödel-, Grammelschmalz-and-Doppler-Killer Preddy Tendergrass (personal rec.) from Vienna/AT serves flavour for decades. His Drunken Edits always makes a good Soundtrack to crack a cold one and move…..Vinyl Daily, Rare & Well Done on Superfly.FM weekly, One and Two`s forever

The Sunday Get Down

Arlo (11 yrs) and Otis (13 yrs) selecting their favourite funk, soul, hip hop and disco vinyl records. Strictly vinyl, pure good vibes, every Sunday and Wednesday.
Get Down, Spread It Around!!!

Jawa Jones

Jawa Jones loves going into old record shops digging for weird & wonderful music from the past. She enjoys spinning a range of 60s garage rock, instrumentals, rhythm & blues, yeye, 70s rock, punk & new wave. Jawa runs WANITA in London, dedicated to music sung by women, on records played by women. She also runs the Wanita Music Mixcloud page where she invites female DJs from across the globe to make mixes of their favourite female artists, the Wanita Music Show on Barrelhouse Radio where she plays female-fronted music & invites women in the music scene to share their stories and play their favourite records. She is also a guest host on the Mono Loco Mixtape show at Soho Radio.     

The Hip Assassin

The Hip Assassin loves to scratch and mash up silly songs he’s been djing since 1991 – has worked with many producers all over the world under different guises

His Scratching antics have contributed to Juno awards and have saved many buffalows

The Hip Assassin loves the crackle  Enjoy ….shhhh the Hip Assassin is here

DJ Lady Soul 

DJ Lady Soul plays a mix of Soul, R&B & Northern Soul but slides easily into 70s Soul & Disco 
This mix is firmly in the 60s from Slow Grinders to Fast Steppers. She has been co hosting Southside Soul for 8 years & more recently Disco Fever trying to re create the Discos of her youth. DJ Lady Soul spins at Events & Bars around Melbourne and occasionally inter state. She is a regular fill in presenter on PBS 106.7 Fm 


Major Triple

Here is Triple D from Berlin, Germany. 
My styles are mostly reggae, but also hip hop, funk & soul. 


Drox has built his own niche as one of Sydney’s most distinctive and respected mavens of electronic music. A DJ, live act and producer, Drox has honed his sound and formidable production skills for over a decade, both solo and as part of the Analog Cabin collective, establishing a reputation as a stellar music maker, selector and collector with impeccable taste in beat science.

DJ Kayote

DJ Kayote is a Disc Jockey and Attorney at Law in Albuquerque N.M. His focus is mixing first edition Lp, 7”, and 78 rmp records with an ear towards Hip Hop and Graffiti Culture. He began collecting records in 1989, and began DJ’ing in 1996. In 1998, Kayote found a niche DJ’ing B-Boy and B-Girl events such as the Cold Crush, Breaking Hearts, and Phunky Foot Rhythm Shows in Albuquerque New Mexico. He DJ’ed on the premier local Hip Hop broadcast on KUNM’s Street Beat from 2001 until 2009, until receiving felony charges for allegedly thieving from the stations record vault which contained promo vinyl dating back to 1973, many of which had not seen the light of day since. The charges were dismissed. He currently owns and operates Serpent City Records, focused on pressing Hip Hop vinyl. The latest 7” release is an ode to the old days of record collecting titled, “Robbin’ Disco Breaks” which takes a cue from the prior criminal charges.


DJ Robert Smith

The Berliner is part of the duo “Smith&Smart” that has been touring all over Europe for 20 years. He is also hits the road solo or with various bands, scratching his way across the big stages of Europe and USA. Hip hop is the base for DJ Robert Smith’s work, while jazz, electro, soul, funk and world music also find their way on his turntables. As an all-purpose weapon with 100% flavour, DJ Robert Smith fills all events, from hip hop jams to noble galas, with excellent vibes. He is also a member of the Dusty Donuts Crew and has just released his first scratch 45 “the Kure“ on DJ Woody’s Woodwurk records in 2020.



TMB is a D.J and co-founder of Hip Hop collective Get it Together based on the South Coast of the U.K. A huge enthusiast and fan of the culture first and foremost he has channelled this enthusiasm into organising a range of events and also produced a documentary film on the South Coast Hip Hop scene in 2017 called ‘The 4 Elements Documentary’. During the pandemic Get it Together collaborated with Al English at Realness Radio and launched Live From the Groove; a range of on-line events showcasing D.J’s & record labels from around the world from Mixcloud Live.


DJ Trick

Brighton born DJ Trick started DJ’ing at the age of 16 and whilst living in Cornwall started rocking parties on a Dancehall sound system in his local village hall. Trick started breakdancing in 1995 and went on to breakdance with Knowledge of Self and Global Inhabitants before becoming a mainstay on the Worthing nightlife scene as a D.J at numerous venues. Influenced by sound system culture Trick is an authentic selector style D.J. 


Mr Lob

Mr Lob is the Co-Founder of the Forty Five Kings, host of The Sounds You Hear radio show on and a compulsive maker of mixtapes across multiple genres, with over 550 mixes, collaborations and radio shows on his Mixcloud page. Mr Lob loves all things 45 related and is never happier than when throwing down a 45’s set

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DJ Fifi LaRoux 

DJ Fifi LaRoux (Los Angeles, CA) is the host of two radio shows, “Le Show” and “Atrocity Exhibition,” on KSPC 88.7fm (  She is also a resident DJ at Décadanse Soirée, LA’s only all-vinyl, all-French Pop dance club, and Rouge Rouge, an all-female all-vinyl DJ night of soul, psych, yéyé, punk, and post-punk music. For more information please visit  



Fräulein Freakbeat

Fräulein Freakbeat is a passionate collector of 60s vinyl obscurities with a special fondness for 45s. Her DJ mixes cover the period from the late 50s to the early 70s and she likes to spin garage, psych, beat, yeye, surf, soul, rhythm&blues and more – preferably fast and danceable!

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WeeG from Glasgow is a lover of all things vinyl especially the 45/7″ Format. This mix is a collection of 7’s I’ve not had the chance to play out since Lockdown.

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Marc Hype

With a career spanning almost 30 years, there’s no doubt Marc Hype is a sureshot party rocker who represents a more eclectic view on Hip Hop & Funk from the very beginning. During this time he collaborated and recorded with artists like the Juice Crew legend Masta Ace, Souls Of Mischief, Edo G., Zion I, Beat Junkies, DJ Z-Trip, Patrick Pulsinger, Killa Kela, Akrobatik & Mr. Lift to name a few. Nowadays he’s travelling the world with his 45s bag as part of the Berlin/London/Hamburg based Dusty Donuts crew & label, as well as a member of the UK based international 45 Live DJ circle. Still spreading the original values of Hip Hop Culture and Crate Digging. Check out last years interview –

Jaybreaks Nonstop

Local to Brisbane Australia Jaybreaks Nonstop has been a DJ for over 30 years.
For this mix, he has put together a Funky Breaks and Beats Mixblend.

Ste – Se7en Inch Collective

I like records, little ones. when I can I buy the ones I like.  Not so much a dj as someone who just plays records and sometimes its nice if people listen or dance. (one half of the se7en inch collective)

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Neil Anderson

I am a musician, music teacher and recording studio owner (now also producing music for and running a small, independent record label!) I love Soul, Funk, Blues, R&B, 60s, Latin, Ska and Reggae music. I love it so much that I try and use my skills and resources to make recordings in the styles that I enjoy, with the express aim of making them sound like material from the original era and good enough that DJs will play them at club nights and have cool people dance to them. I had a lot of enjoyment from making this music. I hope that you enjoy listening to it.

DJ Nico

DJ Nico has been collecting records since she was 16 having grown up in Toronto, Canada. She hosts a monthly club residency at The Piston Bar called With It now in its 8th year. Her skills also extend to radio as a former show producer/host on CIUT 89.5FM. She spins 60s mod, soul, R&B, R&R, northern soul, funk, surf, pop & more!


Claire Retro Girl

Hello everyone 😊 I am Claire Retrogirl and I live in Barcelona. I have been a vinyl DJ since 2012. I collect many types of music genres (as you will notice 😁) Jamaican Oldies, Early Soul, Rhythm & Blues, 60s Beat… I do hope that you will enjoy the piece of me I shared with you today 💗



T2funk – northern vinyl DJ, label owner and founder of T-Funk collective production team. Lover of all things funky soulful with a groove. 

Air Adam

Air Adam has been a longtime fan of and contributor to the Manchester Hip-Hop scene. As well as DJing many a set or photographing gigs and ciphers in the city, he has been releasing the monthly Air Adam Podcast mixes for almost twelve years. While his 12″ collection primarily reflects his Hip-Hop foundation, his 45s are more eclectic, so expect surprises!

Tatt King Eli

Record collector from Tampa, Florida and a member of The Forty Five Kings and #45nationarmy . I also have a Hip Hop/ Reggae show called”  Franklin Plaza State of Mind ” that’s on Bushwick Radio every Wednesday 3 – 4 p.m. EST


Mainstation Sessions

Mainstation Sessions was created in 2020. It’s a DJ-Team consisting of DJ Ketch and Toby Tobsucht from Karlsruhe, Germany. Together they spin HipHop, Funk & Soul 45s live and direct from the Mainstation. Peace & One Love! 

Mister Salt

I’m Mister Salt. I came to DJing through acid house but had been buying records for years before that as a child, mainly 7” singles and was always into the idea of creating mixtapes with mine and my parents records. Around 1988/89 I got in to the acid/house/rave scene and started to buy the electronic music on 12” that I was hearing and bought my first set of decks in the shape of 2 Technics HiFi turntables (SLBD22’s) along with a Realistic mixer with no cue function. I learned the hard way! That’s where my journey started. Over the years I’ve collected all genres of music which i think is reflected in my mixes and live streams. A few thousand records later and here we are back to my roots with 7” singles. Check out an interview with Mister Salt

Mark Lancaster

I started buying records in 1974 as a 9 year old although I had been given a bunch of singles and an old portable record player prior to that. By the age of 12 I would spend all my pocket money on singles and it started an obsession with music. Although I buy albums and 12 inches the 7 inch 45 is my favourite format as it captures a moment and sounds better to me than any other format.

Box of Delights Mark Lancaster  

Pilgrim of Funk

The Pilgrim of Funk plays out in Maylands, Western Australia, spinning heavy heavy funk on vinyl from around the world. Monthly live sets at Swallow Bar uploaded onto Mixcloud. GET DOWN!

Kev Clark

I’ve been collecting 45s for the last ten years. I started sharing them on FB after friends asked during lockdown with only one turntable. Now upgraded to two & a mixer. 

Mista Pete

I do a monthly radio show on called The Dont Stop The Feeling Show playing boogie soul funk etc. I was scratch dj for Big Dog  a band that was fronted by former ruthless rap assassins  member Kermit and I did the scratching on Paul Oakenfolds hit Starry Eyed Surprise…

Frankie Fortyfive

Frankie Fortyfive, (Francesco Argento) Italian DJ and records collector, passionate about Funk and Disco, he spin the records in small clubs and live events in Rome.


Toni Rese

I’m from Italy, near by Venice, Jazz is my main course but as dessert i love Funk, Soul, 70’s Disco and Latin. I Dj around for Fun, it is not my main job but it is a sort of safety valve from daily routine. 


Brought up on gospel choruses music halls and brass bands before a youth spent playing in jazz bands on the edges of the 90s Bristol music world, add nights in the Plough listening to DJ Derek and that’s my influences in a nutshell. Looking for and playing all that’s good with a horn section. Music to make you sing, dance, cry and love.

Chakalaka Funk 

Chakalaka Funk is a club night run by Simon Hodge (producer of The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on BBC 6Music) which was packing them in at the Jazz Bar in Edinburgh with a mix of live acts and DJs spinning funk, boogie, brazil, ska, afro and everything in between. Hoping to return SOON! 

Simon Hodge Chakalaka Funk  

DJ Mouts

DJ Mouts representing Voodoo DJs crew Newcastle Australia. I’m a no frills bedroom banger that got lucky and invited to spin party tunes with the baddest MFs in Newcastle, Deejay Mathmatics, Deejay Tone, Kid Mince and Mark N.

DJ Tone