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2020 DJ’s

45 LIve

45 Live – Greg Belson & Moneyshot

Here at 45 Day we are humbled that 45 Live have got involved with our event. They have recorded a special straight to mixcloud (and soundcloud & itunes) 2 hour show. This follows their fortnightly shows that they broadcast on The legendary Greg Belson presents the show which features an exclusive mix of the 45 Live catalogue by Moneyshot of The Allergies.

DJ Marc Hype

Marc Hype

Marc Hype began his DJ career, inspired by the late great Jam Master Jay, in 1988 and went through the several decades of hip hop with countless releases, tours and competitions like the ITF championships, which he won twice in 98 & 99. During this time he collaborated and recorded with artists like the Juice Crew legend Masta Ace, Souls Of Mischief, DJ Z-Trip, Killa Kela & Mr. Lif. Over the years his record collection and his musical mind expanded and led him to all kinds of funky music. His selection on the decks as on production is freestyle, always with a unique groove, no matter the genre. In the year 2004 he began to collaborate with the classical trained piano player Jim Dunloop, which followed successful releases on the NYC based Milk Crate Records and Melting Pot Music. Their past tour schedule proved their ability to rock internationally with stops allover europe as in NYC, Japan, Hong Kong, China, UAE, Russia, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Israel & Australia.

45 Day Interview


Toni Rese

Toni Rese

I’m from Italy, near by Venice, Jazz is my main course but as dessert I love Funk, Soul, 70’s Disco and Latin. I DJ around for Fun, it is not my main job but it is a sort of safety valve from daily routine. My shows are related to having emotions listening to music, spending time in a safe environment, music is helping your mind and soul to move forward. Mainly I made mix from my record collection. Music is the worldwide language. More Music less Barrier around. Enjoy the show.

Fonki Cheff

Best Mustache and 45$ from Spain!

DJ Wavezz

Wavezz is a part of Czech DJs and vinyl collectors duo Magič & Wavezz. They’ve been groovin’ together since 2011 and their repertoire consists mainly of funk, hip hop, jazz, original breaks & crates, latin, afrobeat.

Supreme La Rock

Internationally knwon influential DJ garnering respect from ecstatic party goes and fellw DJs longer than Drake has been alive. 

Kid Mince

Full time record collector. Hip Hop. Electro. Funk. Soul. Reggae. Punk Rock. Hardcore. Part time bedroom DJ. All vinyl. No Serato. Meat & Potatoes.

Original 45ers

The OG45ERS are Big404 and 25ThC (creator of 45 DAY), two vinyl DJ’s from the Sunshine Coast, UK. Having DJ’ed and collected records for many years they joined forces to play events using just 45 rpm 7″ vinyl. They have played at bars, restaurants, art galleries and festivals including Glastonbury 2019. Their broad music selection and genre hopping sets encompasses their love of hip hop, funk, latin, reggae, re-edits, unusual covers, and more.



I’m part of the Get it Together collective of DJ’s; our usual music policy is Hip Hop, party starting Funk and Soul. I’ve used this mix as an opportunity to spin some of the more soulful and downtempo records in my box.


I am going by “mikster” I used to paint trains back in the 90s as “mik”. when the cops busted me i went more into music and mik became mikster. I always loved the small format (first because racking was easy but I only racked in big chainstores dogh) me and my buddy “east” doing a monthly 45 night here in dresden germany (mostly hip hop funk but always into all styles on 7) the name is COLD DIGGIN´

Video mix

Ste45 / Se7en Inch Collective

45 minutes of 45s for 45 day…

This one focuses on the just fantastic Bully record label from Canada who pushed an awesome array of 7″ singles into the world in the few years after 2002. Utilising great samples, awesome breaks and sparse brass and electronica combined with perfect in house production and beautiful artwork on limited runs of hand screened sleeves, they are some package. Don’t often play these out, more home tunes in the headphones, but such a pleasure combining some of my favourites from the Bully records stable… enjoy


weeG has risen to prominence as resident at Edinburgh’s huge soul party Four Corners. He is a stalwart of the local festival circuit with his eclectic sets taking in Reggae, Funk, Soul, Jazz,Gospel,World,Disco and Boogie and anything else to get ya groovin.

weeG mans the decks every Friday night in The Spiritualist on Miller Street in Glasgow 8pm – 1am with an all vinyl selection of Funk, Soul, Disco, Boogie, Gospel, Brazilian, Latin and all things Funky

He is also resident Dj for Rogue Village and Dj’s at a number of Private events and Street Food Festivals

He can also be found spinning records and banter with fellow Glaswegian DJ scratchandsniff Dan on their regular podcast The Funk and Groove Show

DJ J Peas

Jim Pearson (aka DJ J Peas) from The Soul Purpose Radio Show. Deep vinyl digger, radio show host & dance floor DJ from Fremantle Western Australia. As a DJ I love genre hopping across all styles of music deep in the groove, dropping on the one or foot down on the beat. From intimate bars to festivals to club dance floors I work hard & know how to play it right.

Rik Sonic

Long time collector, selector and protector of fine vinyl platters. Soundsystem builder/owner/operator @innerwestreggaediscomachine & @sonic_sound_hifi, Sydney, Australia.


A party beat specialist, Obliveus plays an infectious blend of funk, hip hop, reggae, soul, disco, rock, pop, house and just about anything else he can use to work the room.

45 Day Interview

Evil Ed

Legendary UK Hip Hop Producer, DJ and record collector Evil Ed. The Enthusiast has worked with the cream of the UK’s MC’s including Jehst, Yungun, and many, many more.

45 Day Interview


Chrome has been rhyming, cutting, breaking and generally living and breathing HipHop since the late 80’s, so it’s no wonder that his performance is a guaranteed full on HipHop immersion on your senses. Whilst always experimenting with new styles, Chrome has a whole lot of substance to back him up. In previous incarnations, Chrome has supported the biggest names in HipHop (Public Enemy, De La Soul, KRS-one to name a few); toured Europe and played at the Glastonbury festival, whilst charting in the BBC Radio 1Xtra top 10 and regularly airing on MTV.

DJ Jimmy Mac

A DJ and music lover since I was knee high to a grasshopper. My mix is a little tribute to the Godfather of Soul. A man who served up some of the funkiest 45’s known to man.

Josh Grainger Ningaloo Records

Josh Grainger is a Fremantle based dj, record collector and the head honcho at Ningaloo Records. Can be found passionately presenting educational dance floors every weekend in bars and clubs through Perth.


DSK was introduced to hip-hop and electro in the early ‘80s and immediately began B-boying, Graffiti and DJing before focusing on the music and turning to the tables. After making a name for himself as a DJ, he began to produce tracks . DSK now lives in China working as a DJ , producer and promoter.

45 Day Interview

DJ Jaffa

DJ Jaffa started DJing in 1985, since then he has played every major festival in the UK, And played in Germany, Spain, Belgium, Hong Kong,

Italy and mainland China. He has played alongside and supported artists such as- Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, Grandwizard Theodore, Cash Money, Snoop Dogg, De La Soul, The Jungle Brothers, Kool Keith, Masta Ace, Wu-Tang Clan, Biz Markie, Ugly Duckling, Blade, Blak Twang, Public Enemy, A Skills, Dj Yoda, Ghostface Killah and the list goes on and on.

2015 marked his 30th year as a DJ, and in December 2015 won the best DJ award at the Cardiff Music Awards.

DJ Magic

Magič is a part of Czech djs and vinyl collectors duo Magič & Wavezz. They’ve been groovin’ together since 2011 and their repertoire consists mainly of funk, hip hop, jazz, original breaks & crates, latin, afrobeat.


Hello I’m Mister Salt, DJ and record collector from Stoke-on-Trent, England. My love of vinyl was kickstarted at an early age by my parents record collection and their old wooden music centre. 2015 marked his 30th year as a DJ, and in December 2015 won the best DJ award at the Cardiff Music Awards.

Ollie Stratton

Vinyl selector with over 15 years experience in spinning at festivals, club nights and residencies across the South West of England as part of The Mongolian Disco Show. I decided to go down a more mellow vibe with some boom bap, jazzy hip hop and beatsy type stuff for this mix.

Daryl Ballki

Darryl Baalki aka Mr.Ultrafino – DJ, musician and producer with almost four decades of musical experiences, co-creator of Prague jazz/funk DJ scene, and a Radio1 host.

Mr Lob

Mr Lob is a Dj, 45 Fiend, Vinyl Collector, Mixtape Master and Head Honcho of The Forty Five Kings and a member of the Waxnerds Crew and has been active on the Melbourne Dj scene since 1999 and has produced over 500 mixes and radio shows across multiple genres.

45 Day Interview


Anyone that knows Scottie knows music is his inspiration, my passion. He made that connection early in life and has been an avid record collector and DJ for over 40 years, if it on vinyl, he wants it! Having been a Mixcloud and Ness Radio contributor since launch. He Dj’s in his hometown, all the time and is a know face in and around Edinburgh.

Click to discover all sorts of musical treats. One minute I’ll be rocking underground house, the next twisted dubbed up disco, or dropping in some conscious reggae, all in the mix for you to enjoy. Every listen he get motivates him to search for the best new and old music, once you go into his mixes,  he promises a journey for the eclectic state of mind. Nothing is left out, he plays it all, if it good, its played.

Ivan Khatchoyan

Ivan runs Choi Records and has produced for Cookin’ on 3 Burners, Big Words, The Traffic, Thando, Fulton Street, La Hazel, Candice Monique & the Optics, Simon Wright and the Eclective, Macc Too, Tzu, True Live, Illzilla, MAV. Ivan’s love for music is evident in his choice of production styles and bands he works with.

45 Day Interview


Smoove can boast a career in the music industry that dates back almost three decades. A man of many talents he is not only the producer & driving force behind Smoove and Turrell but his passion and love of music has guided him onto a path that includes international DJ, label boss, Re-mixer & live performer. His obsession of digging for vinyl is second to none travelling the globe seeking out those golden nuggets.


DJ Cursa

Bournemouth based hip hop DJ and 7inch vinyl enthusiast with over 15 years of mix cd’s, mashups and gig history. Supported the likes of Grandmaster Flash, DJ Format, The Allergies, Maseo, Chali 2na & Krafty Kuts, A-Skilz, JFB, Boca 45, Smoove, DJ Suspect, Peanut Butter Wolf, The Nextmen, DJ Yoda, Chinese Man and many more.

Long Distance Dan

DJ and producer hailing from South West London now living in Portsmouth. Having DJed for many years in London, including supporting Edan, DJ Vadim and more. He now runs a psychedelic rock night in Portsmouth and play funk and hip hop at other events. He released his debut album, The Dust Man Stirs in 2017 on his own Dusted Industries label. A new album is currently on it’s way, so keep your eyes open.

DJ BillyBill

Mixtape Vet, Music Aficionado, Radio Personality, Record Store Owner

The Analog Pigeon

My little 45 mix moves around the genres but the main focus is funky tunes and dem roots man

Hoo Har

Been DJing since 1991, I have residencies in Newcastle and play around the country and on the festival scene too. I host two radio shows and I make heavyweight 45 centres…

45 Day Interview


Sam Bradshaw

Sam “Tweaks” Bradshaw – music nut, waxnerds crew member and dj for hire!

Soul 45

Delivering the hottest vintage sound every weekend in the city of Southampton. Stone cold classics, rare gems and cutting edge 7″ all in the mix.

45 Day Interview



Vinyl collector my whole life, particularly 7″ singles! One half of DJ Duo FUNK BEAR BROTHERS with my soulbrother SVOLANSKI:


“I spotted a vintage early 90’s Citronic Decks/Phonic Mixer Console on Gumtree a couple of months back going for silly money, so, a 7 hour round trip train journey later and after lugging 38kg of said console back home (swearing never to be repeated) this mix is the end result of my labours… Enjoy!”
DJ JulianJules is a lifelong music lover and d.i.y. soundsystem builder, he has run the beats workin’ nights in his hometown of Lewes for the last two years and enjoys collaborating with fellow DJ’s


Joey Deez / Village Live

A selection of hiphop and funk curated by one half of Village Live Records, Joey Deez, check out the Village Live website for a variety of hiphop & jazz releases on vinyl.

DeeJay LeeRoy

Long-time wax fondler, mover of dance floors and thrower of curve balls. Usually found spinning Funk, Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Breaks, Brass, Beats and whatever else comes to hand.


Johnny 7 / Se7en Inch Collective

Always Represent a mix of all Irish artist 7 inch releases and a few dubplates for good measure… The se7en inch collective, created by Ste 45 & Johnny 7 (aka TheKilo 1977) For the love of 7 inch vinyl. No Genre Untouched no Se7ens are safe.

DJ Ricki Tic

DJ Ricki-Tic spins his vinyl goodness out in Fremantle, Western Australia. Playing across the board 45s from Jazz to Ska, Ye-Ye to funk! This particular set celebrates the Jazzier side of latin and early 60s Mod.


Phil The Mod

Been collecting since I was 13 when I turned Mod. Gone through many styles, Mod, Latin, Ska, 60’s Garage, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Disco, Deep house, to name a few. Love playing out and I’m lucky enough to have a regular spot at Hardies in my local town.

Sucker Punch 45s

Funk & soul DJ playing records to fight depression.

Djar One

Djar One from the Serpat Crew and Pitchcaps, co-founder of the Beats House Records label, is a producer, DJ and MC.

Straight Outta Junction

45 minutes of Funk and Soul from Luther Andross who, alongside Ash The Author and ILL Collins hosts the Reading based hip hop event ‘Straight Outta Junction’.

Simon Cannon

Simon is a vinyl DJ who has been playing out for 25 years and joined the Get it Together collective in 2019.

Alex Conrad

Polo player, soldier of fortune, soft shoe dancer and lover of beautiful records… actually, I’ve never been near a horse but the rest is true. This mix is all about some of the ground we cover as one half of The Mongolian Disco Show.

DJ Funk E Fish

HOT DAMN! Norwich’s funk & soul club night which fuses live bands & DJ’s to bring you one DAMN HOT FUNKY NIGHT! Run by DJ Funk E Fish, who you can also catch spinning the 45 funky sound all over the country and at The South London Soul Train.

Pilgrim O’Funk

Sometime collector, sometime player. Last seen wandering Perth’s northern suburbs with his bag o’ heavy. heavy. funk.


The Hip Assassin

Illorn the Hip Assassin – has had many names over the years.

Has done scratching for producers and bands all over the globe.

If you want any cuts let me know yo.

Skeg / Breakin Bread

Skeg from Breakin Bread did a very special 45 minute live stream on 45 Day 2020 using just 45s.

45 Day Interview

Roy Ceballos

Representing the Wax Nerds Crew, in Los Angeles; Record player for 32 years. Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Disco, House, Latin, and everything dope in between. For the love of music! #vinyltrooper #waxnerdsworldwide #recordplayer

More Bounce

One deck reggae 45’s by More Bounce for 45 day


Remi Vibeman

Remi vibesman wears many hats when it comes to his music career. From the early 80s where he worked as a mix DJ playing disco, house, soul, ho funk, electro and hip hop in Croydon, South London to the 90s where he became one of the U.K. Pioneers of the Trip Hop / Nu Jazz scene with big tunes such as “Running Miles” and “Phunk Not Punk” back in 1992. He Worked under a number of aliases such as “Hookian Mindz” and “The Retravibe Movement” and licensing tracks to the famous “Journeys By DJs” series as well as working with some of the UKs most respected jazz musicians from the Jazz Warriors to Artists such as UK Soul Legend Paul Johnson.